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The Most Effective Priority Response Program Available

Our Priority Response Program provides the highest level of response and capabilities available. We are able to respond faster and more efficiently because we have the largest network of commercial first responders than anyone in the industry. Our network of responders, resources and overall capabilities has been engineered to provide clients with the fastest response while maintaining efficiency and eliminating excess cost.

No longer are the sole aspects of pre-approved pricing, fast response and a dedicated account manager acceptable for effective property restoration. While these factors are important and need to be included in any agreement, facilities need a partner who is pro-active, helps protect facilities throughout the relationship, is willing to take precautionary measures for the client, has innovative, proven processes to handle all losses large or small and has the personnel and equipment to handle the largest of jobs.

For these reasons, ServiceMaster RestoreSmart has developed the industry’s Highest Priority Response Program. Every aspect of our program is engineered with the clients’ interest in mind from individual property preparation and planning to established lines of communication regarding potential threats. When you sign up for our Priority Response Program you are truly gaining a partner in protecting and restoring your property. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart does not believe in prioritizing clients based off how much retainer they are willing to pay and have never had to deny clients service due to lack of resources, so we offer this program free of charge to our clients.

  • True Partnership Program
    NOT just a plan & response, but a continuous partnership including; customized advanced weather notifications, advanced equipment and resource staging, power and fuel procurement and more.
  • Centralized Process
    Our process has been developed through years of experience specifically for commercial property restoration.
  • Scalable “Reach-back” Capabilities
    Simply put, we have more locations, first responders, employees and equipment than any other competitor and can respond according to your exact need.

We work with each client to monitor potential threats such as storm activity and provide early notification including facility locations and threat levels. While some companies claim to provide weather monitoring, we use the latest weather tracking and forecasting software, not just public websites like many of our competitors.

When there is a threat for severe damage, ServiceMaster RestoreSmart does not hesitate. While most competitors wait to mobilize until after the threat has passed, we mobilize prior to the storm and strategically position equipment, resources and personnel in and around the affected areas to ensure we have access to our clients’ facilities. This approach has allowed us to be on site in many disasters when others were not able to such as; Hilton Head Island after Hurricane Matthew or the area of Wilmington after Hurricane Florence. When others were trying to identify accessible roads, we were already setting equipment and beginning the restoration process for many of our clients.

A crucially important aspect to any disaster restoration is the availability of backup power and fuel. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart knows the importance of these aspects and has developed direct relationships with many providers so we can offer clients a one-stop solution for the facility restoration. You have enough to be concerned about in a disaster situation, power and fuel should not be two of them.

One solution for ALL size losses
We understand that while you are concerned with the threat of large disasters, 84%* of commercial property loss events are smaller in nature yet impact your business on a much more frequent basis. These can range from a small breakroom fire to pipe bursts or sprinkler system malfunction. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart recognizes the need for a complete property restoration solution regardless of the size of loss. We also understand that over-responding to a small loss is inefficient and creates unnecessary cost. This is why many competitors either refuse smaller, localized losses or over-respond, neither of which is optimal for clients. We have designed a first-response network which aligns directly with the frequency and severity of losses to provide the most efficient response regardless of size.

Scalable “Reach-back” Capabilities and Demand-Based Resourcing
Being there for clients during the high-volume, smaller losses is important, but when a situation calls for large-scale resources ServiceMaster RestoreSmart has more equipment, personnel and overall resources than any competitor. Similar to the military which employs “reach-back” capabilities to effectively provide demand-based resourcing, we have developed the largest commercial restoration network available to provide clients with any resources they need exactly when they need them. Using this demand-based resourcing means while we have the ability to perform the largest of jobs, our clients are never charged for excess resources.

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