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ServiceMaster RestoreSmart understands disasters like water & fire damage can disrupt lives leaving homeowners feeling shocked and overwhelmed. We believe that no matter how severe the disaster, homeowners deserve clear, considerate communication helping them get back to their lives as quickly as possible. While we see situations like storm damage, flood damage, and fires on a daily basis, we know and appreciate that each homeowner’s situation is unique and deserves the time, effort and expertise to minimize disruption. Last year we completed nearly 6,000 insurance claim restorations alone, so you can rest assured we have the communication, knowledge and systems to best serve you in this critical time.

Trusted by Top Insurance Carriers

ServiceMaster RestoreSmart works with many of the top insurance carriers ensuring the best possible service for their homeowners. We worked with over 100 insurance carriers over the past year. As in other industries, such as auto and medical insurance, we meet strict standards set by insurance companies for aspects such as being licensed, bonded and insured, providing timely on-site arrival, and contacting homeowners within an allotted time. Three aspects that make our Insurance Restoration Program successful include;


We clearly communicate to both the homeowner and insurance company to make sure confusion is minimized and the restoration goes as smoothly as possible. There a lot of moving parts in a restoration job, you deserve professionals that know the nuances of insurance restoration.

Personalized Service

Whether it means adjusting our visit around your kids’ activities or your work schedule, or prioritizing certain items to be restored first, our process is built to accommodate you. The situation has upset your life, we’ll do everything possible to minimize the disruption and not add complication.


Insurance Restoration can be a complex process and if not done properly can lead to more damage in the future such as mold or residual odors. While many general contractors or plumbers say they can complete restoration work, most of them do not have the training or expertise to properly restore your home. All of our technicians are certified by the IICRC, a third party specializing in the restoration industry, on the most current methods of properly restoring damage.

How We Do It

While most homeowners are not familiar with the restoration process, they do know how a company made them feel and how well they handled communication. For this reason, we have developed specific steps and procedures to ensure homeowners are never left guessing the current status or what happens next. This process starts with our Master Moments recovery guide. Using the guide, we walk each homeowner through the recovery process, detailing each and every step.

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