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When a disaster strikes, nothing is more important to the community than functioning healthcare facilities. Staff and administration must react quickly to help protect their patients, residents and property. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart understands this urgency and the importance of maintaining the highest level of service to not only restore your medical facility in the most effective way, but also help maintain patient satisfaction throughout the process.

We recognize that completing a healthcare facility restoration goes beyond simply having the equipment and knowledge related to the facility restoration itself. Aspects such as patient confidentiality, down time and patient / resident interruption and experience within various environments such as clean rooms, resident rooms and operating rooms is critical. Further, you need a full-service restoration contractor that can not only handle the structure restoration, but also document restoration and recovery, content restoration and medical electronics restoration. Rest assured we can help with all aspects of your restoration and have the expertise to provide specialized medical equipment restoration if needed.

Over our many years working in the healthcare industry, we recognized the need for a specialized restoration process engineered specifically for healthcare facilities. The result is our proprietary service and the industry’s leading Hospital & Healthcare Facility Restoration Process. Nearly every aspect of successfully restoring your facility has been accounted for within our process from; limiting patient and resident interruption, to ensuring our employees adhere to the same patient protection protocols you expect and follow HIPPA compliancy. Our Healthcare Restoration Process goes beyond simply restoring your facility, we’ve developed a comprehensive service to protect you, your patients and the facility satisfaction all while limiting downtime and the financial impact of the restoration itself.

Healthcare restoration is not just about larger scale damage, it requires a great deal of expertise regarding highly complex aspects such as patient confidentiality, reducing operational impact of the restoration and understanding various room types such as; operating rooms and patient rooms. Over decades of working on hospital, senior living and medical facility restorations we have developed a fully comprehensive service specifically engineered for medical facilities. Some of the elevated standards we maintain within our Hospital and Healthcare Restoration Process include;

  • Healthcare Construction HCC- Certification (ASHE)
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Phased Restoration and Construction Plans
  • ICRA Protocol Compliant – Guidelines + Regulations
  • Low VOC Products
  • Bilingual Trained personnel
  • Daily Project Communication
  • Limited Patient Interruption

Full-Service Medical Restoration Contractor

To us, being a full-service medical restoration contractor means clients only have one number to call and a single point of contact for every aspect of your restoration from mitigation to reconstruction and everything in-between. Many other companies claim to be full-service, but do not provide the comprehensive offerings we know to be critical such as; advanced equipment restoration and re-certification, document and content restoration, temporary containment, environmental testing and remediation, emergency power, patient or resident logistics project planning or any of the other services that may be required.

ServiceMaster RestoreSmart’s vast network has the experience needed to maintain your operations throughout the restoration process, so you can service your patients, residents and the community. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart also knows you have a great deal of valuable, high-tech equipment that requires specialized cleaning. In addition, you have clean rooms, operating rooms, laboratories and more that require a higher degree of specialized restoration. You can be confident knowing ServiceMaster RestoreSmart has the necessary experience and expertise to perform your restoration on a large scale, and in sensitive environments as well. Plus, ServiceMaster RestoreSmart’s wealth of resources which include a network of more than 600 locations and the backing of a $3 billion company, give us the alliances that allow us to secure scarce resources, like generators, water and fuel, vital to quickly restoring operations in declared disaster areas.

In short, we can get to your disaster quicker, manage your project better and get your facilities up and running faster. Of course, because of our healthcare experience, we know that it’s vital that the restoration occur in as minimally invasive a manner as possible, so as not to disrupt daily activities including your patients.

healthcare water restoration and repair, water damage repair, water mitigation

ServiceMaster Recovery Management gets you back to normal operations while reducing downtime, minimizing risk, protecting patient health and satisfaction scores. We accomplish this by using our proven proprietary process for healthcare restoration and water damage repair. This process has allowed us to successfully restore nearly every type of medical facility from hospitals to medical clinics, senior living to dialysis centers across the country.

Water damage in any commercial facility is challenging and requires a company with the right expertise, however in a hospital or medical facility water damage can become even more complex due to the additional aspects and increased risk. Grey or black water can bring dangerous bacteria into a normal, healthy environment. In a hospital or medical clinic where patients may be present who already carry a higher risk, this can be extremely dangerous or even deadly. It is important your restoration provider understands this risk and the other unique aspects of repairing water damage in a hospital or medical facility.

We have developed a proven process for healthcare restoration and water damage repair over our nearly 40 years in business. This means you can rest assured ServiceMaster RestoreSmart will restore your facility in the most efficient manner possible and handle all aspects of your project. From x-ray and equipment repair to document restoration and data recovery we handle it all. We will also work with you to create the best restoration plan possible minimizing patient disruption and providing alternative logistic solutions if needed. We recognize that a temporary power loss or even worse one that affects backup power as well can be devastating for a medical facility. We are able to provide a solution for any temporary power needs as well as temporary environmental control for heating and cooling or humidity control if needed.  Lastly, we will work through every aspect of your restoration from mitigating the water to document restoration and reconstruction. When you call ServiceMaster RestoreSmart, you call one number, receive a single point of contact and can be confident you have the single best provider for your restoration.

Q: Are you HIPAA compliant and Health Care Construction (ASHE) Certified?
A: Yes. We carry HCC/ASHE certification and follow HIPAA compliance throughout your entire restoration project.

Q: Do you provide daily reports?
A:  Yes. We provide detailed PMRs (project manager reports) each and every day of your project. We also send out a site audit photo report. These can be sent to multiple individuals on your staff if preferred helping eliminate confusion and maximize communication.

 Q: Can you help with patient or resident logistics?
A: Yes. We will meet with you to determine what aspects of you facility operations have been disrupted such as patient check-in stations being damaged, resident rooms being affected, common areas that may require temporary solutions or nurse’s stations needing to be relocated. We will then devise the best possible plan to allow your facility to continue treating patients and housing residents.

Q: What type of medical equipment do you repair? Or can you repair (ex; GE big bore CT)?
A: We repair and recommission all types of medical equipment from x rays and linear accelerators to MRI and CT machines. We partner with the largest electronics restoration companies in the country and have a highly specialized team of individuals for all aspects of medical equipment repair. (See a partial list below)

Water Mitigation

Hospital, healthcare, medical water mitigation

If your healthcare facility has experienced water damage from a flood, burst pipe, sewage backup or any other disaster, you can have confidence in hiring ServiceMaster RestoreSmart. Depending on the source of loss, water can bring the immediate danger of bacteria, contaminating sensitive or sterile areas such as operating rooms. If not addressed quickly, the problem continues to grow… literally. Mold begins to grow as quickly as 24 hours after a water loss. To minimize the damage, it is important to respond quickly and effectively. Many restoration companies claim to have the fastest response time, but often they send a single person to simply assess the loss without any equipment. You need a company that can not only arrive on-site quickly, but also bring in the resources and equipment required to begin work immediately.

Effective water mitigation for healthcare facilities goes beyond simply extracting water. Aspects such as potential damage to highly specialized equipment, patient logistics, possible resident relocation and the increased risk of infection all need to be accounted for when establishing a mitigation plan. Additionally, precautions need to be taken to contain any potential risk including the introduction of airborne mold spores which can spread quickly throughout a facility. If you have water damage in a hospital or healthcare facility call the experts at ServiceMaster RestoreSmart. We have the expertise, equipment and resources to restore your healthcare facility in the fastest, most effective way possible.

We believe actions speak louder than words, so we encourage you to read our CASE STUDIES HERE>>
to learn about specific examples of our industry leading capabilities.

 Thermal Imaging and Moisture Mapping

medical facility thermal imaging

In order to develop the most effective mitigation solution, it is vital to know as much information about the current situation as possible. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the complex facilities of hospitals and healthcare properties. Sterile rooms can quickly become contaminated by moisture traveling behind walls. Moisture hidden in ductwork can become a source for mold growth affecting other areas of your healthcare facility and leading to further complications. These aspects are often hidden from plain view or even basic moisture meters. This is why ServiceMaster RestoreSmart uses the latest thermal imaging and moisture mapping technology available. In addition, we thoroughly train all of our employees on the newest practices and procedures. Our technicians are IICRC certified, but we take it even further and have regular training on real-world situations we encounter across the country.  This constant pursuit of improvement in both technology and employee training means you get the best possible equipment, personnel and mitigation solution available industry wide.

Dehumidification and Moisture Control
Excess moisture is a concern in any building. This concern is increased in buildings with visitors, residents and patients who may already have potentially compromised health. Not only can moisture quickly ruin a building’s structure, it can have adverse health effects such as; respiratory problems, coughing, Asthma symptoms, shortness of breath and many others. If not properly controlled, moisture can also damage sensitive equipment requiring recalibration or even repairs.

We act quickly to protect your facility, patients and equipment from further damage. This may include establishing containment areas to prevent moisture from traveling to areas not immediately affected or applying treatment to stabilize sensitive equipment from further exposure. We also have seen the impact even a short delay can have on equipment and the facility and recognize that time is the most imminent threat of causing further damage, so we always bring equipment to begin dehumidification immediately saving you money by limiting additional damage.

Equipment Assessment

Equipment Assessment, medical equipment water damage, medical equipment repair

No matter what type of healthcare or medical facility you have whether it is a hospital or medical clinic, to dialysis center or senior living facility you most likely have highly sensitive and expensive equipment. If this equipment is damaged it can have a huge impact on both capital expense as well as patient or resident care. Hiring the wrong company who may not have the expertise required to properly assess, stabilize and restore this equipment can cost you thousands or even hundreds of thousands. You need a company that can quickly evaluate the damage, complete any stabilization required to prevent further damage and effectively restore and recertify your equipment. We have nearly 40 years of experience with any type of medical equipment restoration from x-rays to linear accelerators, MRI machines and everything in-between. We understand that responding quickly and knowing the appropriate measures to stabilize the equipment can mean the difference between being able to restore the equipment or having to replace it due to a total loss.

Some of our equipment stabilization may include;

  • Turning off incoming power, air, natural gas, and steam to the affected areas of the building until all equipment can be properly locked out.
  • Observing the flood level on all equipment so electrical panels below the flood lines can be flushed with clean water and dried before evaluating component replacements.
  • Mitigate all bare steel surfaces, flush with clean deionized water and lubricate.
  • Cover all equipment exposed to the elements as a result of the disaster.

These steps, along with more extensive stabilization measures if needed, can help save a facility thousands of dollars in restoration costs and often save the equipment from becoming a total loss.

Equipment Restoration
From X-rays to MRIs, surgical lights to dialysis machines, we can restore any piece of equipment in your hospital or medical facility. Whether it is an MRI that has been damaged by a faulty sprinkler system or an ultrasound damaged in a flood, we have the equipment and expertise required for even the most complex or sensitive equipment. From GE SIGNA Artist MRIs to Gendex 770 x-rays, we have restored nearly every type, manufacturer and model of medical and healthcare equipment available. Whether we are restoring the equipment on-site or bring it to one of our state-of-the-art facilities, each piece of your equipment will be handled with the same care and expertise required to ensure a successful restoration. All of our technicians are IICRC trained, HIPAA compliant and we maintain HCC/ASHE certification, so you know your equipment is in the best hands possible. Many companies claim to be a full-service provider, but then do not offer equipment restoration leaving the facility to manage multiple vendors. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart is a true full-service medical restoration provider and a one-source partner for all equipment restoration needs. Lastly, we recertify all of the restored equipment and provide a year warranty. No other restoration company stands behind their word more than ServiceMaster RestoreSmart.

Some of the equipment we have recently restored includes;

X Ray and Imaging
Gendex GX 770
Gendex Medical Imaging 3546
Quantum MC 50
Biorad Chemidoc XRS Imaging
Stryker SDC Imaging
Fuji Digital Ready Radiography

GE Voluson E8
Aloka SSD 1400
Trophon Disinfector for Ultrasound Instruments

Thermofisher Legend XTR
Benchmark Scientific C1012
Eppendorf 5418, 5424 and 5430
Midwest Scientific C1301

Phillips Defibrillator
Cardiotech EKG

Fisher Scientific Isotemp Heater/Stirrer
Bioexpress Vortex Mixer
Precision Scientific 25 Reciprocal Shaker Bath
Fisher Scientific Vortex Mixer
Bio Rad Power Pac
Bio Rad C1000 Thermal Cycler
Thermoscientific Rocker M79739
ProScientific Biogen Pro 200 Homogenizer

Monitor stands
Suretemp Vitals
767 Wall Transmitter
Denver Instruments PH Meter
Fisher Scientific 013-28L Waterbath
BioCore Medical Desert Chamber Over
Thermoscientific CO2 Incubators
Phillips Respironics CPAP
Stryker Cast Vac
American Orthopedic Cast Cutter
Airway Oxygen Meter NPB40
Nova Stat Sensor 54790

Document Restoration and Recovery
Do not neglect the most important aspect to facility operations. While medical equipment may be one of the most expensive aspects in a hospital or healthcare facility, documentation, including patient and resident records, is the most important element to continuing operations. In addition, patient records need to be handled in a very deliberate way to adhere to HIPAA compliance. From managing and documenting the chain of custody, to maintaining security for all storage facilities housing medical records, you need a restoration provider that can ensure your documents and records are handled in complete compliance with HIPAA standards. We offer state-of-the-art freeze-drying capabilities to restore all physical documents possible. If needed, we have hand ironed, rescanned and organized entire document libraries in order to allow hospitals the ability to get back to full operations. We even have a mobile freeze-drying facility we can bring on-site if your facility requires. No other competitor offers this level of full-service restoration.

Electronics Restoration
In addition to all of the medical equipment in hospitals and healthcare facilities, there is inevitably a great deal of electronics. From nurse station computers to TVs, motorized wheelchairs to digital scales, these electronics are critical to your facility’s operation. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart provides complete electronics restoration for medical and healthcare facilities. Not only can we complete your electronics restoration, we work with you throughout the process to provide solutions which allow you to maintain operations while we work on the restoration. Your electronics will be restored by trained professionals either on-site or in one of our state-of-the-art facilities. We provide OEM testing and validation, complete calibration and certification, and can even help set up temporary office and manufacturing processes if needed. No competitor offers a more complete electronics restoration service than ServiceMaster RestoreSmart.

healthcare medical fire restoration

ServiceMaster RestoreSmart helps you recover from fire damage in your hospital or medical facility in the most efficient and effective manner possible. We achieve this by using our proven proprietary process for hospital and healthcare restoration including fire damage restoration. This process has been developed over our nearly 40 years in business, helping healthcare properties of all types recover from fire damage. From large scale losses of nearly entire properties to smaller fires. We understand the emotional, physical and financial impacts fire damage can cause in your medical facility.

Experiencing a fire in any building can be terrifying and emotionally devastating, especially considering the lives often impacted. Even after the initial threat of the fire is eliminated, there is still the lasting effects caused by soot and smoke. These effects are accentuated in a hospital or healthcare facility due to the susceptible nature of the patients and residents. Airborne soot particles can cause respiratory problems as well as negatively affect eyes and skin. It is critical to act quickly to reduce health threats, minimize further damage and get your facility back to full operations as quickly as possible.

Nearly 40 years ago we recognized the need for a specialized restoration process that could be used in all hospital and healthcare facilities. This process needed to account for the complex nature of medical facilities, cover all aspects within the potential loss such as equipment and documentation, be adaptable to patient and/or resident needs so facilities could maintain operations and provide superior communication throughout the entire process. We wanted to hold ourselves to the highest standards expected in the healthcare industry. This is why we developed the industry’s leading Hospital and Healthcare Restoration Process. This process goes beyond competitor services and offers a true full-service restoration solution for healthcare facilities of all types. From Healthcare Construction Certification from ASHE to HIPAA compliance there is simply no better restoration solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Fire Mitigation
Fire mitigation is a complex procedure, especially in a healthcare facility. Special precautions need to be taken in order to protect patients and residents as well as the structure and equipment. Heat from the fire ca cause thermal damage to equipment’s internal components. In addition, soot is both corrosive and conductive and if not properly addressed may lead to electrical shorts prolonging downtime and increasing restoration costs. A common mistake many people make is turning equipment back on because it does not seem to be damaged from the exterior or the exterior has been cleaned. The soot inside equipment then acts a conductor shorting out circuits and causing additional damage. It is important to hire the right restoration contractor who can not only respond in the fastest manner, but also brings the equipment and expertise needed to immediately begin restoration. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart responds quickly, brings the resources needed and has the expertise for any size loss. In addition, we have developed highly specialized stabilization procedures for hospital and healthcare facility needs. Healthcare facilities have expensive equipment which needs to be quickly stabilized in order to minimize further damage. When you have a fire in your healthcare facility some of the methods ServiceMaster RestoreSmart may use to help stabilize your equipment include;

  • Turning off incoming power, air, natural gas, and steam to the affected areas of the building.
  • Turning off power, air, natural gas and steam to each individual piece of equipment and implementing a lock out tag out procedure
  • Mitigate all bare steel surfaces on all equipment to prevent flash corrosion.
  • Cover all equipment exposed to the elements as a result of the disaster until each piece can be worked on and the structure overhead is stabilized and cleaned.

Avoid unnecessary damages caused by poor containment. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart utilizes the latest containment procedures and equipment to minimize damage and limit the extent of the affected area. When a medical facility encounters a fire, one of the primary concerns is making sure the airborne particulates such as smoke and soot do not affect other areas not directly impacted by the damage. This often means immediately installing containment zones to stop soot from traveling to other areas. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart are experts at evaluating the situation and developing a comprehensive plan for containment. We can establish negative pressure zones and use the latest equipment in order to provide your facility with the most effective containment solution available.

Air Quality Control
One of the most challenging aspects of fire damage is the airborne contaminants such as smoke and soot. These particles travel very quickly and can even affect areas believed to be isolated. The threat can travel under and around door frames, through air vents or settle on materials then moved to unaffected sections thereby contaminating those areas. Proper air quality control requires the expertise and equipment to effectively manage containment, airflow and cross-contamination. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart offers all of these and has honed our air quality control processes over our nearly 40 years in business. In a healthcare environment such as a hospital, medical clinic or senior living facility it is critical to assess the situation quickly, develop an effect solution and then immediately begin controlling the air quality and mitigating the damage. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart has more equipment available across our network than any other commercial restoration provider.  We have used these resources, combined with our industry-leading knowledge, to provide successful air quality control to nearly every type of healthcare facility including; hospitals, medical clinics, senior living facilities, outpatient centers, surgical centers, dialysis clinics, dental offices, and much more. You can rest assured that ServiceMaster RestoreSmart has the equipment, expertise and experience to help with your air quality control needs.

When we say we are a one-source solution providing full-service healthcare restoration we mean it. While many competitors limit their restoration service to only portions of a full-service solution such as mitigation or just structural restoration, ServiceMaster RestoreSmart is a true full-service restoration contractor. This includes reconstruction of anything required to get your facility back to pre-loss condition and operating at full capacity. Because we do offer reconstruction services you get a single, seamless process from start to finish. In addition, we evaluate all aspects of mitigation with loss impact I mind helping keep severity to a minimum. We often hear from hospitals and healthcare facilities about competitors charging them for complete drying and mitigation services related to items in their facility only to see those same items as full replacement on the invoice from the company completing reconstruction. With ServiceMaster RestoreSmart we approach medical restoration projects as a wholistic solution which allows us to evaluate the best course of action for each and every item.

Mold remediation, healthcare mold services

Mold can cause serious health risks under any situation. This risk becomes elevated when there is mold present in a hospital or healthcare facility which serves patients and residents at an increased risk of health complications. Healthcare associated infections, such as those potentially caused by mold, can cost healthcare facilities upwards of $60,000 per incident. In addition, two programs within the Affordable Care Act specifically address infections and mold attaching severe penalties for hospitals and medical clinics. For details on the ACA impact as well as the challenges faced by healthcare facilities, read our white paper The Challenge of Mold in Modern Hospital and Healthcare Facilities.

If your healthcare facility has been affected by mold it is crucial you hire a company with the expertise, experience and equipment to provide effective mold remediation. In a medical facility this goes well beyond simply removing the immediately affected area. Mold spores travel quickly through air systems contaminating other areas of the facility. In addition, there are highly specialized aspects to hospitals and other healthcare facilities such as expensive medical equipment, specialized room uses, sensitive medical records and documents that need to addressed. Most companies claim to be full-service but in general only really mean they will remove the mold and build back any damaged portions of the building, called reconstruction. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart believes, while these 2 aspects are important, they are only a portion of what it means to provide full-service restoration services for hospitals and healthcare facilities. We cover every single aspect of your mold remediation from start to finish including but not limited to; mitigating the cause of the damage, removing the mold present, document and data recovery, equipment restoration, content restoration, patient logistics and support, electronics restoration, temporary air handling, power or climate control and reconstruction. Simply put, when you hire ServiceMaster RestoreSmart you receive one point of contact for ALL aspects of your remediation including invoicing.

You understand how complex your medical facility is and need a partner who understands this as well. Plenty of companies claim they work in the medical restoration space, but no other company has a dedicated Hospital and Healthcare Restoration Program. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart is the only company that has dedicated the time, effort and resources to develop the most effective restoration process specifically for healthcare facilities. This program has not been developed in a corporate office. We intentionally developed and refined the process in the field, on projects over our nearly 40 years in business.

We understand that certain aspects such as HCC/ASHE certification, state mold certification and HIPAA compliance are critical to healthcare facilities. We also know the importance of being able to work with facilities to engineer the best possible remediation solution taking into account patient or resident impact. How will patients be checked in? Would it be better to move the residents? If so, what is the best schedule for temporary relocation within the building? Our proprietary program not only provides the most efficient mold remediation possible, but also minimizes the patient or resident impact allowing you to continue operations whenever possible. This reduces your stress, protects patient/resident satisfaction and minimizes lost revenue.

Most companies that claim to have a restoration and remediation process simply list the steps involved in ANY restoration project. They include separate aspects for each step of the cleaning process. We know, however, that cleaning the mold is only a portion of what determines a successful project. If companies only list these steps and fail to address other aspects such as patient logistics or temporary support, they simply do not know enough about the complicated process of mold remediation in a hospital or healthcare facility to develop an effective plan. You need a full-service contractor who has a comprehensive process covering all aspects of the project.

The ServiceMaster RestoreSmart Hospital and Healthcare Mold Remediation Process

Once the cause of the mold, typically a source of water damage, is identified and fixed we begin the hospital and healthcare remediation process.

  1. Isolate any affected area in order to protect other, non-affected areas.
    • This may involve constructing physical barriers to isolate the area. If this is required, we will work with you to ensure traffic flow is maintained and alternate routes can be used. We will also inspect your air handling systems to determine the best course of action to guarantee your system does not further the mold contamination.
  2. Once areas are effectively contained, we work closely with the facility to engineer the most effective remediation plan possible.
    • Our nearly 40 years of healthcare facility restoration and remediation experience tells us working closely with the facility is absolutely critical in this stage of the process. This collaboration allows us to develop a plan that accounts for all aspect of facility operations such as patient and resident care. If patients can no longer check-in or the waiting room is no longer functioning, other solutions need to be developed. Similarly, if residents can no longer stay in their rooms, temporary housing may need to be secured or possibly the remediation can be completed in phases to allow residents to move within the facility. We know the potential complications of medical mold remediation and have the expertise and experience to develop the most effective plan specifically for your facility.
  3. The next step after the plan is developed is to evaluate and implement any temporary support required such as temporary nurses’ stations or power.
    • As part of the remediation plan, we will determine what temporary support may be needed. This can range from temporary nurses’ stations to back-up power and lighting. We will then secure and install any temporary support needed for the functioning of your facility.
  4. Remove damaged and mold affected materials
    • We will remove any materials affected by the mold such as drywall, flooring or ceiling tiles. Unlike many contractors who remove far more materials than what is necessary, ServiceMaster RestoreSmart uses the latest technology such as thermal scanning and moisture meters to determine the best approach. We then only remove materials that are necessary for effective remediation. These materials are handled with the utmost care to prevent accidental contamination.
  5. Treat and remove mold from remaining surfaces
    • Some portions of the facility are either not able to be removed such as framing or would be cost prohibitive to remove such as marble floors. We treat and remove any mold from affected surfaces which are not being removed from the building.
  6. Equipment, electronics, document and data restoration
    • Some of the most critical aspects to a healthcare facility are not the facility itself, but rather the expensive equipment or documents within the facility. As stated, we are a true full-service remediation contractor and can help with all of your equipment restoration needs working to remove any mold and recertify the equipment to full operation. We can also help with your documents, including medical record, due to our HIPAA compliance and rigorous protocols.
  7. Drying and Dehumidification
    • Once the mold remediation has been complete, we verify the facility is appropriately dried and there is no current threat of excess moisture. We use the latest moisture mapping technology to provide the most detailed view of facility moisture levels and help protect your facility from continued mold growth.


There are plenty of restoration companies out there that claim to use specialized containment systems that are easy and cost-effective to set up, however if they do not understand the science behind how containment is properly used no system is going to be effective. At ServiceMaster RestoreSmart we have the expertise required to successfully plan, install and maintain the most complex isolation and containment systems available. This in-depth knowledge allows us to use containment systems to not only limit additional impacts of mold, but also maintain facility operations whenever possible without risking patient or resident health.

Once we have evaluated the situation, taken the immediate steps required to limit the spread of mold and minimize further damage, and have a developed remediation plan we will install any required isolation and containment systems. This may range from simple room encasement to full air systems containment. We understand the complex nature of medical clinics, hospitals, senior living facilities and any other type of healthcare facility and can effectively utilize to containment to minimize damage and get you back to full operation as quickly as possible.

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