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Featured Projects

Hurricane Florence

The ServiceMaster RestoreSmart team responded to over 40 commercial properties in a dozen North Carolina cities. These properties ranged from local assisted living, university living, churches, medical facilities, and municipal buildings to national big box retailers and were all heavily affected by the three feet of rain Hurricane Florence dropped on the state. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart was on the scene as soon as possible to help restore peace of mind and bring the state back to its previous condition.

Hurricane Michael

On October 10, the Category 4 hurricane, Michael, made landfall on the Florida panhandle. The massive storm hit the coast as the most intense American hurricane since Camille in 1969 and did in excess of $15 billion in damages while taking 60 lives. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart was ready on the scene with multiple crews scattered across the state to begin the restoration process as soon as possible. The ServiceMaster RestoreSmart team was able to assist 39 commercial properties across Florida and Georgia to help restore peace of mind to the region. These properties included churches, national big box retailers, shopping malls, and other large commercial facilities.

Iowa State University

Iowa State University sustained major water damage in August 2010, just one week before students were to arrive for the fall semester. Seventeen facilities and thirty-five additional buildings across campus were affected. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart arrived on-site, before the flood waters even receded, to help guide university staff through the mitigation process. From museum collections, to classrooms, to residence facilities, ServiceMaster RestoreSmart was able to provide efficient and knowledgeable restoration for the many different environments of Iowa State.

Biloxi Regional Medical Center

Biloxi Regional Medical Center had ServiceMaster RestoreSmart positioned outside of Hurricane Katrina’s strike zone to ensure rapid response. Within hours after the storm devastated Biloxi, our restoration teams were on site to provide emergency restoration services. With the resources provided by ServiceMaster, Biloxi Regional was the only major medical care facility in the hurricane strike zone which was able to accept emergency room patients within 24 hours of the storm landfall. Over the course of the next several months up to 200 ServiceMaster restoration personnel supported Biloxi Regional with a wide range of services including power generation, dehumidification and water cleanup, site cleanup, debris removal, potable water, security, general maintenance and facility support services. Gasoline and diesel fuel were trucked to Biloxi Regional Medical Center to fuel power generators and keep the hospital staff vehicles supplied.

Health Management Association (HMA)

After nine hurricanes affecting six states HMA has never had to close any one of its 56 medical facilities because HMA relies on ServiceMaster RestoreSmart for restoration services. The disaster restoration services ServiceMaster RestoreSmart had provided to HMA have included hurricane cleanup, mold remediation, hazardous waste cleanup, indoor environmental controls, temporary power, potable water, and emergency housekeeping services.

Kappers Fabricating

In 2012, Spring Valley, MN, Kappers Fabricating Inc was hit with a major fire, requiring the services of 60 members of the ServiceMaster RestoreSmart team. This was a major management project that involved two semis shipping out contents that had soaked up smoke during the fire and needed proper restoration. As part of getting the business back up and running quickly, the ServiceMaster RestoreSmart team provided seven generators, completely sterilized and repainted offices, restored sensitive information, powder coated the facility, and more. You can read the full article about the disaster restoration of Kappers Fabricating here.

The Pentagon

Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, 240 ServiceMaster RestoreSmart employees were mobilized to provide aid in The Pentagon recovery. Our team worked around-the-clock to provide proper restoration and remediation of five million square feet in only two months. From fire restoration and water restoration to the restoring of documents and electronic files, everything and anything they needed, we did. The result? We helped get The Pentagon running again, a true testament to the hard-working and resilient nature of our nation.

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