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Odor Removal for Commercial Buildings

ServiceMaster RestoreSmart also offers Soot and Smoke Removal for offices, educational institutions, government facilities, healthcare facilities, hospitality facilities, manufacturing plants, apartment communities, places of worship, and retail spaces.

Even after a fire has been extinguished, soot and smoke damage continues. Smoke damage in your commercial building can be as stressful as the fire itself. As an SRM business, we offer complete restoration services, including smoke damage restoration and odor removal for large and small scale disasters across the country.

Many of the things in your office may be made of synthetic materials, from furniture to flooring. Consequently, within just a few days of the fire damage, many of the synthetic items that could have been recovered become unsalvageable. Loss from damage can be combated by the immediate response of ServiceMaster RestoreSmart.

Lingering smoke odors are another unwanted aspect of fire damage. Smoke permeates your walls, surfaces, and air ducts which negatively impacts your air quality. Proper smoke damage restoration and odor removal is necessary to keep your environment clean and healthy for you and your employees.

The experts at ServiceMaster RestoreSmart respond immediately and effectively to begin the smoke damage and odor removal process. Our proven smoke removal and recovery process includes emergency pre-cleaning, content cleaning and content pack-out services, structural cleaning, and deodorization. ServiceMaster RestoreSmart technicians can even clean soot from items made of at-risk materials like brass, aluminum, chrome, marble, and porcelain. We also salvage smoke-stained upholstered furniture, draperies, clothing, fabric, and other materials.

No matter where you are located, ServiceMaster RestoreSmart is sure to have a location near to you. With regional headquarter offices in Chicago, Kansas City, Denver and Indianapolis along with ServiceMaster Response Centers in all 50 States, we provide fire restoration, smoke damage restoration, and odor removal all across the nation.

You can feel confident that our highly-trained and experienced professionals will use the most advanced equipment and technology to restore your business so you can return to your normal daily routine as soon as possible. When you need smoke and odor removal anywhere across the country, contact ServiceMaster RestoreSmart.

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